Your secluded tropical island getaway awaits...

Bedarra Island Beach House is an exclusive island retreat located off the coast of tropical North Queensland, Australia.

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Welcome to Bedarra Island Beach House in North Queensland!

Bedarra Island is a lush landscape of scenery and solitude. Enjoy a weekend escape at this beach house near Mission Beach and get lost in the serene sublimity of the locale. Get back in touch with nature as you dip your toes into the Coral Sea or run through the sand with the wind in your hair. Explore this tropical region and discover parts of our world you never imagined. This is the world in which our humble abode rests. Removed from the chaos of the city, our holiday rental near Mission Beach is quiet, peaceful and private.

See the Great Barrier Reef at Our Holiday Rental near Mission Beach

Mission beach is the closest mainland point to the Great Barrier Reef. As such, it is one of the best places to gain access to this one of a kind, internationally renowned wonder of nature’s beauty. And as if that weren’t enough reason to come, our beach house near Mission Beach grants you access to not just one, but two local beaches. Come and find your peace of mind at Bedarra Island.


  • Reclusive and beautiful locale
  • A relaxing “escape” from your life
  • Simple, high-end beach house in North Queensland
  • Fancy pavilion-style architecture
  • Otherworldly scenic views
  • Two local beaches